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When and where do I pick up my wristband?

For U.S, RFID Wristbands for this festival will ship in July 2021. Please allow until early August 2021 for your wristbands to arrive.  All attendees residing outside of the United States along with those who selected Will Call at checkout will need to pick up their wristbands at Will Call in Rosarito. Exact Will Call location coming soon!

When will Wristbands be shipped out?

Wristbands will begin to ship out in July.

How do I know if my Wristband is being shipped?

If your shipping address is in the United States, your festival wristband will be shipped to you. For those with International addresses or if you selected Will Call at checkout, your passes will be available for pick up at Will Call in Rosarito.

You can login into your SeeTickets account using the email you used to make your purchase to confirm your Shipping Address. If you have any other questions regarding if your passes are being shipped, email community@bajabeachfest.com.

How can I confirm my Shipping Address is correct? / How can I update my Shipping Address?

You will want to Login to your SeeTickets account using the email you used to purchase your passes.

Once you’re logged in, select Order History. In there, you will get the option to see your pass(es) and all the information associated with the order. You can edit your shipping address within this section of your SeeTickets account if needed.

Will I need to Activate my Wristband?

Yes, all attendees must activate their RFID Wristband. It is crucial that only the person who is attending the festival activates their own wristband. Once a wristband is activated ownership cannot change. Activation instructions will be provided at a later time.

If my Wristband isn't being shipped, where do I pick it up and how do I activate it?

If your wristband is not being shipped you will pick it up at our Will Call location in Rosarito (specific location coming soon). When you pick it up, activation instructions will be provided.

Can those with Weekend 1 GA upgrade/transfer to Weekend 2 VIP?

Unfortunately, due to logistical, fullfilment, and inventory management, no transfers or upgrades between weekends will be allowed. However, you could purchase a Weekend 2 pass and then later when we partner with Lyte (early 2021) either a) sell your Weekend 1 pass to Lyte or b) sell your Weekend 1 pass to another person and use Lyte to make that transfer easy and in a verfied way.

My friend bought my pass for me and their name is on it, will that be a problem?

Since wristbands are being shipped this year, that will not be a problem. Just make sure to get the wristband from them prior to the event. 

If you need to pickup your wristband at Will Call and your name is NOT on the ticket. You will need a copy of your ID as well as a note from the original ticket holder releasing their ownership of the ticket to you. This note should also include a photograph of the original ticket holders ID.

When will GA Afterparty tickets become available?

The passes for the GA Afterparty at Bombay will be sold in July 2021. The Bombay Afterparty Pass gives you access to the Bombay activations all weekend (Pre parties and Afterparties all 3-days). Passes will be $35. There is very limited inventory, first come first serve.

When will Pre-festival Activations be announced for Papas&Beer (VIP) and Bombay (GA)?

Look out for Pre-festival Activation details to be announced in July. Pre-festival fun will be going on at both Bombay and Papas&Beer prior to festival doors opening.

Will GA have an Afterparty option? Will there be performances at the GA Afterparty’s?

Yes, GA Pass holders will get the opportunity to secure a spot at the Bombay Afterparty. There will be an Afterparty each night (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and there will be an artist performance each night at the Afterparty, artists are still to be announced.

What are the deadlines to receive my wristbands?
Weekend 1 wristbands have a shipping deadline of July 25 and Weekend 2 wristbands of August 1. As soon as your wristbands ship, you will receive an email notification from SeeTickets with a tracking number.
Why does my order amount in SeeTickets only show only the shipment amount and not the full amount that my passes cost?
If your original order was placed on EventBrite or frontGate, when logged into SeeTickets, your full order amount will not be shown only the shipping amount. To view your full order amount, please view your original receipt from EventBrite or frontGate.


What is Lyte?

Lyte is a 3rd party Waitlist and Exchange platform that we partner with each year because it allows for Passes to have secure and verified change in ownership. The platform ultimately prevents scams and protects both buyers and sellers

How does Lyte work?

Lyte has three main features Waitlist (Buy), Return (Sell), or Transfer (Peer-to-Peer).


To buy a Sold Out Pass type through Lyte, simply get on the waitlist for the Pass Type you wish to purchase. As soon as that Pass Type becomes available, Lyte will process your order.


Through Lyte you can try and return your pass to the Waitlist. If you Return your pass to the Lyte waitlist, this will allow the first person in line for your Pass Type to receive your Pass.


You can use Lyte to transfer or sell your Pass to a friend.

How does the Lyte Waitlist work?
  1. Join the WKND 1 Waitlist or WKND 2 Waitlist for the sold out Pass type you would like.
  2. By joining a Waitlist for a specific Pass type you will be in line to purchase your desired Pass when/if it becomes available.
  3. Once it’s your turn in line, the Pass that once was someone else’s will have its ownership and details transferred to you.
  4.  You will receive a confirmation email and will be all set to join us for Baja Beach Fest 2021!
Can I do a Payment Plan through Lyte?

Unfortunately, no. If a Pass is purchased through Lyte it must be paid in full.

What if I know someone who wants to sell me their Pass? When will peer to peer transfers become available?

The Lyte exchange is now available. The ability to do Peer to peer transfers will be available in May. This will allow people to buy and sell passes directly to one another in a secure way.

How much will Passes be sold for on Lyte? Can I expect to pay the same price they were originally sold for, more, or less? 

Passes on Lyte go for market value which fluctuates depending on supply and demand.

What if I only want to sell some of the passes in my order?

Lyte will prompt you to select which passes from your order you would like to make available to the waitlist. 

What if there is no one on the Waitlist for the Pass Type I have and I am unable to sell to Lyte right now?

More people will join the waitlist over time, so you can definitely keep checking back. Also, there will be a Peer-to-Peer transfer option through Lyte coming out in mid-late May. This Peer-to-Peer option will allow you to sell your pass directly to someone you know, like a friend or colleague who wishes to attend in your place.

When will I receive the funds after selling my pass(es)?

Lyte holds all funds until 5 days after the event. Once the event happens your funds will be released.

I might want to attend Baja Beach Fest still but I am not sure, should I sell to the Waitlist and then just buy from the Waitlist if I decide to go?

We recommend holding onto your pass(es) for now if this is the case. Closer to the event the Waitlist demand typically spikes, so if you decide to not attend later on you can try to sell to the waitlist then. If buying from the Waitlist you almost always will have to pay more than how much you paid originally.

If I sell to Lyte, how do I get the money? Where do the funds go?

The funds from selling your pass to the Waitlist will go to PayPal. You will need to create a PayPal account to collect the funds.

Why do I have to wait so long before receiving the funds for the pass?

Lyte serves to provide a platform that is 100% secure for fans to buy, sell, and transfer passes to sold out events. In order to mitigate against all possibilities of fraud and scams, Lyte has to hold the funds until the event is realized. Once the event happens, all funds are released to sellers via paypal.


General Questions

When and where will the festival be hosted?

Baja Beach Fest will be hosted on August 13th – 15th & Auguste 20th – 22nd, 2021 in Rosarito Beach, MX. The festival takes place on the beach in front of the Oceana Rosarito Inn and the famous Papas&Beer beach club.

How old do you have to be to enter?

This is an 18+ event. ID’s will be checked upon entrance.

What are the hours of operation?

Bombay Day Party: Doors Open at 12pm

Papas&Beer Day party: Doors Open at 12pm

Festival: Doors Open at 2pm

Bombay Afterparty: Doors Open at 1am

Papas&Beer Afterparty: Doors open at 1am

Customer Service Hours:

  • Friday: 12:00pm – 10pm
  • Saturday: 12:00pm – 9pm
  • Sunday: 1pm – 9pm
What time does the festival start?

Baja Beach Fest 2021 will begin on Friday, August 13th and conclude on Sunday, August 15th. The festival gates will open from 2 PM until 12:30 AM each day.

Additional day activities will be available on each festival day. More details to be released in 2021.

When will the Set Times be released?

Set Times will be released in mid-July.

What time will festival doors open?

Festival doors will open at 2 pm each day, Friday-Sunday.

Will there be food onsite?

Yes, there will be a ton of food options to choose from inside of the festival grounds. More details about all of your grub options to be released in 2021.

Does GA have access to the village, lounge, bars, etc?

Yes absolutely, GA has access to all of the village, sponsored activations, food and drink, the lounge, and more!

Will there be vegetarian and vegan options onsite?

Yes, we will have vegan options onsite, stay tuned for more info!

Can I charge my phone at the festival?

Portable chargers will be available for purchase through Electric Standard Co. Attendees can charge on the go, no matter what type of device they have. Cables come built in, and are easily rechargeable at home. To learn more about unlimited exchanges and pre-orders, visit:


Health & Safety

Will Refunds be an option if the festival is canceled or postponed due to COVID?

If the festival is postponed or rescheduled due to COVID, your festival pass(es) will automatically be honored at the rescheduled date. Should you be unable to attend the new date for whatever reason, you will get the opportunity to request a refund.

Are COVID Vaccines or Negative Test required to attend the festival?

Yes. All attendees will be required to upload their COVID Vaccine card through our Mobile App when activating their festival pass. If you have not been vaccinated, you will be required to take a negative COVID test at our Rapid Test Center in Rosarito or at any location of your choice, as long as it was taken within 72 hours of the festival start date.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated or is one dose sufficient?

To pass the health check via vaccine verification, the attendee must be fully vaccinated. If you have only received one dose, you will need proof of a negative covid test to activate your wristband.

What happens if I don't get vaccinated or don't want to provide a negative covid test?

Unfortunately, without completing this key step (Vaccination/Negative Test requirement) you will be unable to activate your wristband and as a result, it will not work at the gates of the festival.



All the places to stay in Rosarito are sold out, what are my options?

We have partnered with a handful of nice hotels in TJ for our festival attendees to choose from, view partnered hotels. We recommend booking your room as soon as possible. 

If you would prefer to book a vacation rental, please view here to a see a list of neighboring communities to choose from.

Do I need a passport to get into Mexico?

We highly recommend you bring a passport with you if you will be leaving and re-entering the US through an international border. However, many people do report getting across with just a drivers license.

How far away is Rosarito beach from San Diego?

San Diego and Rosarito are 32 miles apart and approximately an hour drive.

If I bring my car, where do I park?

Nearly all hotels have designated parking for hotel guests. As far as Airbnb’s, we recommend contacting the property manager or owner listed in order to ask specifics about parking availability. Street parking is also always an option.

Does Baja Beach Fest recommend vacation rentals in addition to the recommended hotels?

Yes, Baja Beach Fest recommends vacation rentals through a reliable company such as Airbnb and Vrbo.

How will the attendees staying in Tijuana get to and from Baja Beach Fest?

In addition to taxis, attendees with accommodations in Tijuana also have the option to utilize our shuttle service. With a Shuttle Pass you get roundtrip rides to and from the festival for all 3-days. To get more details click here.

I heard there are toll roads on the drive to Rosarito, how much can I expect to pay?

From San Diego / TJ to Rosarito there is one toll station on the scenic drive that costs approximately $2 USD or $38 MX (pesos).

If I want to get a private driver for my group how much will it cost?

The cost depends on group size and vehicle type needed. Please call Mannix for rates and details on their service for your specific parties needs. You can call them at +52 (664) 634 7537.

Where will the Taxi Loop be located?

The taxi loop will be located within walking distance from Baja Beach Festival. There will be an abundance of signage to direct attendee traffic to the Taxi Loop. 



What hours will the Shuttle be operating?

The Shuttle will operate from 11 AM to 3 AM.

Departure Times: 11am – 9pm (Tijuana to Festival)
Return Times: 9pm – 3am (Festival to Tijuana)

Will the shuttle make multiple stops?

No. The Shuttle Pick Up will be at The Quartz Hotel & Spa in Tijuana (located next to Pueblo Amigo Hotel).

Can I buy a shuttle pass in person?

No, please purchase your Shuttle Pass ahead of time. Shuttle Passes will not be sold in person.

Will my Shuttle Wristband(s) be shipped to me?

If you order your 3-Day Shuttle Pass before July 25th for Weekend 1 OR before August 1st for Weekend 2, you will receive your Shuttle wristband(s) in the mail (US Residents only). Wristband will be available for pick up at either of our two Will Call locations.

Where is Will Call Located?

Tijuana Location:
The Quartz Hotel and Spa (next to Pueblo Amigo Hotel)
Paseo del Centenario 4210, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22320 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Rosarito Location:
Rosarito Baja California Center
Carretera Escénica Tijuana – Ensenada, Ejido No.1029, Mazatlan, 22710 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico

Attendees can pick up their Festival pass, Shuttle Pass, and/or Afterparty Wristbands at either of the two locations.

Will Call is for any of those who selected Will Call Pick-Up for their wristbands and/or live outside of the United States (as all wristbands will only ship to those residing in the United States).

If I plan on attending an Afterparty, can I catch the Shuttle back to Tijuana afterward?

There will be shuttles running from Rosarito to Tijuana until 3AM. So yes, you will have time to go to an Afterparty (the festival ends at approximately 12:45 AM each night and After Parties begin at 1 AM).

What if I am not staying at Pueblo Amigo Hotel, but instead I am staying at a different Tijuana Hotel?

We recommend all of those who are staying in Tijuana to secure a shuttle pass to make your transportation to and from the festival affordable and stress-free for Baja Beach Fest weekend. If you are staying at a different Tijuana hotel, you can simply take a taxi to The Quartz Hotel & Spa, and then get on the shuttle from there. 


The Shuttle is more affordable than paying for taxis or private drivers to take you to the festival in Rosarito and back for 3-days.

Where is the Shuttle Station located at the festival?

The shuttle station will be located near the exit of the festival. Please follow Shuttle signage and utilize Baja Beach Fest staff to get to the shuttle Station upon exiting the festival.


After Party

How far are Bombay and Papas&Beer from the Festival grounds?

The festival is right in front of Bombay and Papas&Beer. Upon exiting the grounds simply follow the signs for Bombay After Party or Papas&Beer After Party and utilize our staff for direction. 

Can anyone attend an After Party?

No, After Party passes can only be used by festival attendees. The area in which the After Parties are located will be blocked off to the public and will only be accessible by festival attendees. 

Is there a Bottle Service option for the After Parties?

Yes. You can request bottle service at the door upon arrival to the After Party. There is limited table availability, so bottle service will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Can GA enter or buy tickets to the VIP Papas & Beer After Party?

Unfortunately, no. The VIP Papas & Beer After Party is only accessible by VIP Festival Attendees due to space limitations.

What time do Afterparties end?

No set end time, until the party stops in the early morning hours.

Can VIP enter/buy tickets to Bombay Afterparty?

Yes, Bombay Afterparty is available for both GA & VIP Pass Holders. 3-Day Passes are $60.00. Limited availability.


Wristband Activation

Why do I need to activate my Wristband?

RFID Wristbands require activation for them to scan at the gates of the festival. Activation is also crucial as it includes our Health Screening. This is where attendees must provide proof of full COVID Vaccination or must test negative for COVID within 72 hours of the festival.


How do I download the Baja Beach Fest Mobile App?

The Baja Beach Fest Mobile App is now available in both the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store. To download the Mobile App, please visit the links below.

Apple Store: https://hubs.ly/H0Tmkd80

Google Play Store: https://hubs.ly/H0TmjVV0

Is Wristband Activation required?

Yes. All 2021 festival attendees must activate their GA/VIP Wristband by Registering in our Mobile App. The Activation process includes our health screening which requires attendees to upload their proof of a COVID Vaccine or be issued a negative COVID Test result within 72 hours of the festival.


I bought 5 passes, do I activate all of them?

No, each person who is attending must activate their own wristband.


What does it mean to Activate my Wristband?

To activate your Wristband, means you are good to enter the festival. If you don’t activate your Wristband, you will not be allowed to enter the festival grounds.


I accidentally put on and over-tightened my wristband, and want to remove it, what do I do?

Wristbands can’t be un-tightented. Carefully remove your wristband with scissors. Bring your damaged wristband to one of our Will Call locations and we will replace it for you. There is a $25 replacement fee. You will want to bring your confirmation email along with your government ID to Will Call.


How do I Activate my Wristband?
  1. Download our Mobile App
  2. Click “Activate Wristband”
  3. Enter your Wristband ID found on the back of your Wristband
  4. If you don’t have a Wristband yet, click “I am picking up my wristband at will call.”
  5. Upload proof of your COVID Vaccine or select “Skip for Now” if you plan on taking a COVID Test at COVID Clinic or Will Call
  6. You will receive a Confirmation Email when your COVID Vaccine has been Approved. Once Approved, your Wristband will be Activated and no further action has been Approved. Once Approved, your Wristband will be Activated and no further action is needed. Please allow up to 72 hours for Approval.
If I’m going to Weekend 1 and Weekend 2, how do I activate both my wristbands?

First, you will activate your Weekend 1 wristband. On or after Monday, August 16th you will then be able to activate your Weekend 2 wristband.


Once my wristband is Activated, can I sell my Pass on Lyte?

Yes. If you sell your Pass on Lyte (after activating it), your wristband will automatically be deactivated and you will not be able to enter the festival grounds. A new wristband will then be issued to your buyer at a Will Call location. We suggest you do not activate your wristband until you know you are attending.



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