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Allowed In Venue
  • YES E-cigs, small vape pens, and tobacco cigarettes
  • YES Cameras (Non-Professional
    • Detachable lens cameras are not allowed.
  • YES Chapstick, lip balm, lipstick
  • YES Small flags of countries/regions
    • 12.5 x 18 inch max size
  • YES GoPros (No poles/sticks)
  • YES Mobile phones and external chargersYes sunblock (sealed/unopened)
  • YES Eye drops (sealed/unopened)
  • YES female hygiene items (sealed/unopened)
  • YES Makeup
  • YES Binoculars and earplugs
  • YES gum and mints
  • YES small single pocket drawstring bags
  • YES small empty hydration packs
  • YES small purses or fanny packs
  • YES YES hand sanitizers and small pack of disinfecting wipes (sealed and unopened)
  • YES good vibes, big smiles, and lots of energy
Not Allowed In Venue
  • NO weapons of any kind
  • NO drugs
  • NO outside food or drinks
  • NO professional cameras (those with detachable lenses)
  • NO drones
  • NO drug paraphernalia
  • NO aerosol products
  • NO glass, steal, aluminum, or metal containers
  • NO airhorns or noisemakers
  • NO children or minors
  • NO fireworks or explosives
  • NO flyers, samples, or promotional materials of any kind
  • NO laser pointers
  • NO chairs, blankets, umbrellas, or hoola hoops
  • NO AVPs, MODs, or Liquid to Refill Cartridges
  • NO pepper spray or mace
  • NO backpacks and bags with multiple pockets
  • NO bags that are larger than 14″x11″x5″(35x28x12cm) or 30 linear inches (75cm)
Safety & Security
  • The security and safety of our attendees is our highest priority. We are working with law enforcement, government officials, health experts, the police department and more to help ensure the safety of our guests at Baja Beach Fest. Because of those very same concerns, we are unable to publicly comment on detailed, specific actions which are taken.
  • Please note that we will implement searches upon festival entry. This includes bag checks. Please arrive early and note the Prohibited Items list, these will be confiscated / surrendered upon entry.
    In the event of an emergency, information may be relayed on the video screens, over the audio system, and/or through mobile notifications.

    • If you, or a friend, require medical assistance please locate your nearest medical tent or alert a staff member.
  • And remember: if you see something, say something. Flag down any staff member or Public Safety official if you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right.

Prescription medications are allowed only in original prescription bottle. Any persons attempting to bring in prescription medication must have valid government issued identification that matches full name printed on prescription; pills in bottles must match description printed on prescription. If a person has mixed pills in a single prescription container, or if a person is attempting to enter with pills in non-prescription container, medical representatives should be involved to make final determination on if pills should be allowed into the venue.

Over the counter (OTC) medications are allowed providing they are new and in original factory sealed container.

Current Health Policy

In accordance with City of Rosarito requirements, as of today; full COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results taken within 72 hours of the festival, are required to attend a music festival like Baja Beach Fest.

This health policy may be updated. In the event that it is, all attendees will be notified.

If you have more questions in regards to our health policy please feel free to reach out to us by clicking here.