Baja Communities

There are multiple Baja Communities with many vacation rentals that hug the Pacific Ocean coastline. When choosing your accommodations for Baja Beach Fest, these communities and vacation rentals are great options. They range from a 5 min - 30 min drive to Baja Beach Fest. See below for a handful of recommended Baja Communities or click to explore vacation rentals.

5.4 miles from venue

Santa Monica

17.8 miles from venue

Playas Tijuana

11.5 miles from venue

Puerto Nuevo

7.5 miles from venue

Baja Malibu

11.3 miles from venue

Las Gaviotas

5.7 miles from venue

Baja Del Mar

Travel FAQs

Below you can find the most common questions we receive about Baja Beach Fest 2023.

What are the nearest airports to Baja Beach Fest?

Tijuana International Airport (30min drive to the festival)

San Diego International Airport (1hr drive to the festival)

Los Angeles International Airport (3hr drive to the festival)

What are the recommended hotels?

What are the recommended hotels?
There are various recommended hotels (below) across a few different neighborhoods.


Walking distance to 15min drive to festival.

Rosarito Inn
Castillos Del Mar
Del Mar Inn Rosarito
Worldmark La Paloma
Las Rocas Resort and Spa
Puerto Nuevo Baja Hotel Y Villas
Festival Plaza Hotel


30-45min drive to the festival. Check out our Shuttle, which departs from Tijuana.

Fiesta Inn Tijuana Otay Aeropuerto
Real Inn Tijuana
Grand Hotel Tijuana
City Express Plus
Hotel Pueblo Amigo, Plaza Casino
Hampton Inn by Hilton Tijuana Otay
City Express Suites
Hotel Palacio Azteca


45min-60min drive to the festival.

Hotel Lucerna
City Express Ensenada
City Express Plus Esenada
Holiday Inn Express
Hotel Cortez

San Diego

45min-60min drive to the festival.

Hampton Inn & Suites Imperial Beach
Sand Castle Inn & Suites
Pier South Resort, Autograph Collection
Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
Grant Manchester Hyatt
Hard Rock Hotel
Pendry San Diego

Do I need a passport to get into Mexico?

We highly recommend you bring a passport with you if you will be leaving and re-entering the US through an international border. However, many people do report getting across with just a drivers license.

Are there vacation rentals nearby?

Rosarito Beach has many vacation rental options in and around its city. Note, they book up quickly!

Along the coast, there are a dozen or so communities that host oceanfront properties that are up for rent on platforms like AirBnb & VRBO.

Some of the surrounding oceanfront neighborhoods include.

  • Santa Monica
  • Playas Tijuana
  • Puerto Nuevo
  • Baja Malibu
  • Las Gaviotas
  • Baja Del Mar
How far away is Rosarito beach from San Diego?

San Diego and Rosarito are 32 miles apart and approximately an hour drive.

If I bring my car, where do I park?

Nearly all hotels have designated parking for hotel guests. As far as Airbnb’s, we recommend contacting the property manager or owner listed in order to ask specifics about parking availability. Street parking is also always an option.

Are there private drivers that can take us to the festival?

Yes, for groups staying in vacation rentals that are not walking distance to the event, there is the option to reserve a private driver. Mannix is a well known private driver company in the area. You can book a private driver by emailing: [email protected]

Are there Taxis I can take to the festival?

Yes. Need a Taxi ride to Baja Beach Fest? (not associated with Baja Beach Fest)

Rosarito Taxi Phone:

  • Eco Taxis Amarillos:
  • +52 (661) 100 2414
  • Eco Taxis Verdes:
  • +52 (661) 612 4645

Tijuana Taxi Phone:

  • Taxi Tijuana
  • +52 (664) 624 7116

Ensenada Taxi Phone:

  • Taxis Azul y blanco
  • +52 (646) 176-3250
  • Radio Taxis:
  • +52 (646) 120 9608
  • Metro Taxi Ensenada:
  • +52 (646) 175 4494