The Exclusive Side of Baja Beach Fest

Baja Beach Club

Enjoy unbeatable panoramic views with top-tier bottle service, lounge seating, security, air-conditioned bathrooms, and more exclusive perks.
Sneak Peak

Baja Beach Club Moments

This ultimate VIP experience sits on an elevated structure allowing you to enjoy Baja Beach Fest from above with unobstructed views, chilled bottles, and high-end service.

Policies & Conditions

+ Package Minimums can be consumed through Alcohol, Food, Merch, Sales Tax & Gratuity at the Baja Beach Club.
+ Tables can only be sat once the entire party has arrived.
+ All Tables will be held until 7pm. If you are running late, please notify your host.
+ For your convenience, we place a recommended gratuity of 20%
+ Sales tax is 16%
+ Your Table Minimum Spend is equal to the face value of your Table Package (Not Including Wristbands).
+ Medication is allowed with the proper prescription
+ All guests will be subject to a security check upon entry
+ Handbags and purses are subjected to a search before entry. Small bags only, please view our Allowed/Banned item list
+ Valid government issued identification is required for entry. (Photos or Photocopies of ID’s will not be accepted)
+ Prices are in USD
+ All sales are final, no refunds.