Waitlist & Exchanges


We have partnered with Lyte to offer customers the option ton securely sell, transfer, and buy Baja Beach Fest Passes from one another. All Lyte waitlist & exchange options are now available below.
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2021 Festival Passes

Request Passes

To buy a pass through Lyte, simply get on the waitlist for the Pass Type you wish to purchase. As soon as that Pass Type becomes available, Lyte will process your order.

Change of Plans

Return Passes

Through Lyte you can try and return your pass to the Waitlist.

If you Return your pass to the Lyte waitlist, this will allow the first person in line for your Pass Type to receive your Pass.

Friend to friend

Transfer a Pass

To transfer or sell your pass to a friend you will want to create a magic link for them to “buy” your pass, when it asks you for the amount you would like to charge, you can put as little as $1. Unfortunately, there needs to be an amount inputted to make a transfer or sale occur.



What if I only want to sell some of the passes in my order?

Lyte will prompt you to select which passes from your order you would like to make available to the waitlist. 

What if there is no one on the Waitlist for the Pass Type I have and I am unable to sell to Lyte right now?

More people will join the waitlist over time, so you can definitely keep checking back. Also, there will be a Peer-to-Peer transfer option through Lyte coming out in mid-late May. This Peer-to-Peer option will allow you to sell your pass directly to someone you know, like a friend or colleague who wishes to attend in your place.

When will I receive the funds after selling my pass(es)?

Lyte holds all funds until 5 days after the event. Once the event happens your funds will be released.

If my close friend/family member wants to go in my place, can I just give them my wristband?

If it is someone you truly trust, you can just give them your wristband. The important thing here is that you do not activate the wristband when you receive it. Only the person who plans on using the wristband to attend can activate the wristband. Once a wristband is activated ownership can’t be changed. Do not activate wristbands prematurely; follow all activation instructions provided in the package that the wristbands ship in. Also, we do not recommend this for those selling/buying from strangers, as thousands of scams happen each year this way.

I might want to attend Baja Beach Fest still but I am not sure, should I sell to the Waitlist and then just buy from the Waitlist if I decide to go?

We recommend holding onto your pass(es) for now if this is the case. Closer to the event the Waitlist demand typically spikes, so if you decide to not attend later on you can try to sell to the waitlist then. If buying from the Waitlist you almost always will have to pay more than how much you paid originally.

If I sell to Lyte, how do I get the money? Where do the funds go?

The funds from selling your pass to the Waitlist will go to PayPal. You will need to create a PayPal account to collect the funds.

Why do I have to wait so long before receiving the funds for the pass?

Lyte serves to provide a platform that is 100% secure for fans to buy, sell, and transfer passes to sold out events. In order to mitigate against all possibilities of fraud and scams, Lyte has to hold the funds until the event is realized. Once the event happens, all funds are released to sellers via paypal.