Waitlist & Exchanges


We will be working with Lyte so people can securely sell, transfer, and buy Baja Beach Fest Passes from one another. As soon as the Lyte waitlist & exchange option is available we will announce it.
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Sell your Pass

Change of Plans?

Through Lyte you can sell your pass to the waitlist or directly to a specific individual.

If you sell to the Lyte waitlist, this will allow the first person in line for your Pass Type to receive your Pass.

2021 Festival Passes

Buy a Pass

To buy a pass through Lyte, simply get on the waitlist for the Pass Type you wish to purchase. As soon as that Pass Type becomes available, Lyte will process your order.

Friend to friend

Transfer a Pass

To transfer your pass to a friend you will want to create a magic link for them to “buy” your pass, when it asks you for the amount you would like to charge them simply type in $1. Unfortunately, there needs to be an amount inputted to make a transfer.